28 Nov. 2011

LNCS proceedings is available online

25 August 2011

Pictures from the conference are now on the web.

15 August 2011

Online Registration is closed, but OnSite registration is possible.

26 July 2011

Updated info about venue, etc.

18 June 2011

Program published

13 June 2011

EXTENSION: Doctoral Symposium has the submission site open for 12 more hours (i.e., until midnight, Oslo time).

7 June 2011

Registration page for the main conference is open.

6 June 2011

Author notification: list of accepted papers available

03 June 2011

Submission site opened for the Doctoral Symposium.

04 Apr. 2011

Deadline Extension: submission deadline has been extended to 14 April (midnight Hawaii time)

29 Mar. 2011

Sponsorships are available for participants. See Registration page for details on eligibility criteria.

16 Feb. 2011

FCT 2011 is honored by the invited speakers:

11 Feb. 2011

One can use the FCT11 Posters for display with the purpose of advertising the FCT 2011 symposium.

31 Jan. 2011

A Doctoral Symposium event will be associated with the FCT 2011. See the specific CFP.

10 Jan. 2011

First call for workshops is out

15 Dec. 2010

First call for papers is out

14 Dec. 2010

Web Page is up


We recommend that you use the metro or the tram to reach the conference location. Read below or the page about public transport in Oslo.


Take either line 3 towards Sognsvann, line 4 towards Ringen, or line 5 towards Storo. After about 10 minutes, leave at Forskningsparken station and follow the signs. Or just look around you for some big and black building resembling a micro-chip.


Take either line 17 or line 18 both lines go to Rikshospitalet. After about 20 minutes you can leave at Forskningsparken and follow the signs to the conference.

Tickets and important info

Public transportation in Oslo works under the same ticket: one ticket is valid for 1 hour on any public transportation means (Metro, Tram, Bus, or Boat) from the time it is stamped (see the hour on the ticket stamp). You can buy the paper tickets in any major station from some big yellow/blue vending machines with many buttons on them which accept on cash, but here you can also buy a Flexikort which has 8 tickets and is slightly cheaper per ticket (not much) than single tickets. There are also many new ticket vending machines where one can buy single tickets and pay with the credit card. The single tickets, when bought from the machine, are already stamped; in the Flexikort each ticket needs to be stamped (in some small yellow boxes) when used.

To find your way around Oslo you need to have the address where you want to go, then you can use for maps the following local and good map: Oslo map.

Public transportation is good and safe and not too crowded, so it is recommended to use, though one can also walk around Oslo, as the city centre and the main attractions can be reached easily by foot. Nevertheless, to get to the conference site one needs transportation. The best way to find your best/shortest transportation means is to use the map/search engine at the following link Trafikanten, which indicates the route to take from your initial location (like your hotel) to the destination address (like Vigeland Sculpture Park).

From the main Gardermoen Oslo airport

From the main Oslo airport Gardermoen one can get to the city by a FlyToget (fast train) which costs 170NOK and reaches the main station (or National Theatre) in about 25min. If there is construction on the train line or at the main station, this train will be closed, or will stop at National Theatre only, instead of Oslo S (the Oslo central station). In this case a comfortable ride with the bus is perfectly good. In the airport, take the bus from the outside, easy to reach following the signs or by asking anybody. I recommend taking the SAS FlyBuss (ask anybody which is this bus) which takes about 50min to the final destination the SAS Radison Hotel and costs also 170NOK. One can also stop at the BusTerminal so to have access to many public transportation means.

From any of your stops (SAS hotel, central station, or National Theatre, or BusTerminal) there is easy reach of a taxi. The taxi should not cost much to the Gyldenloeve hotel as all these are somehow in the centre and close (expect to pay about 100-200NOK). All these transportations accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard are most used; don't know about American Express but it should be OK).

For a cheep ride I recommend taking the SAS FlyBuss and stopping at the BusTerminal and taking a metro or a tram from there to your hotel. It is cheep to buy your bus ticket on the internet, instead of from the driver, then print what you get in the e-mail and show it to the bus driver before getting on. The ticket will cost 125NOK for grown-ups and 65NOK for students under 30 years old (I think student cards from other European countries are also accepted to get this reduction; try it). You buy the SAS bus ticket at Flybussen. Some translation: "Fra" is from, "Til" is to, "Fra Flyplass" is from the airport.... The ticket is valid for the whole day (so it does not matter the hour you arrive, but it shows you there only the timetable); and the ticket costs the same for any of the bus stops in the city (so if you choose Busterminal and stop at the end at SAS hotel has no importance). You can also ask the driver where to stop for your hotel, as this bus goes through the centre close to many hotels, thus you could reach your hotel walking from the SAS bus stop.

From the other two airports around Oslo

You will have to take the express bus. There is always one waiting for you, just ask. It takes about 50min to the BusTerminal (which is the last stop). You pay at the driver in cash or by card. Do not forget to buy a two-way ticket from the start, as it is cheaper and there is no other way to return to the respective airport; keep the ticket/receipt as that is the one you will show to the driver when you return.

Our sponsors:

The Precise Modelling and Analysis group Department of Informatics University of Oslo Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science series The Research Council of Norway Det Norske Veritas (DNV) CISCO Systems, Inc.